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Law Introduced in NYC Council that Prohibits Discrimination Based on Unemployment Status

By Carrie Corcoran

(Revised as of 4/12/12)

On March 28, 2012, legislation was introduced before the New York City Council (“NYC Council”) that, if enacted, will extend employment discrimination protections to unemployed job seekers.  In a climate of persistently high unemployment rates and many discouraged – and disgruntled – jobless persons, it should come as no surprise that, along with New York City, legislatures across the nation are considering drastic measures.  Some of these laws have even passed. 

A year ago, New Jersey was the first state out of the gate when it enacted legislation to protect unemployed job seekers.  … Continue Reading

Eyewitness Evidence Critique May Help In Harassment Defense

By: James P. Flynn

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued a lengthy, sweeping decision on August 24th on the standards for evaluating eyewitness testimony in criminal cases that is garnering national, and even international, attention.  See NY Times report by clicking here; Wall Street Journal report by clicking here; Reuters report by clicking here. Though the case entitled State v. Larry Henderson and its companion case entitled State v. Cecilia, both available here,  involved eyewitness identification testimony, the Supreme Court dealt at great length with more general issues eyewitness testimony and “how memory works.”  … Continue Reading

Government contractor to pay more than $540,000 to settle discriminatory hiring case with OFCCP

By: Dean R. Singewald II

A recent settlement with the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (the “OFCCP”) has once again made clear that, if an employer is a federal government supply and service contractor or subcontractor subject to the affirmative action/non-discrimination obligations imposed by Executive Order 11246, including the obligation to develop and maintain a written affirmative action program, it is imperative that the employer properly track its applicants and hires.

Such tracking should include documenting the gender and race/ethnicity of each applicant, the stages of the selection process at which each applicant meeting the minimum … Continue Reading